Dining at the Omaha Old Market

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During summer, you are in for a treat if you will visit the Omaha Old Market near downtown Omaha. The place is over whelming with restaurants and antique stores mix with flowerboxes of petunias rest atop of tin awnings. The spot is something like preserved warehouse district that is about nine square blocks. Photos of the old market can be found at this website – http://jimburnettimagesofamerica.com/omaha_old_market.html

Ahmad’s Persian Cuisine or otherwise known as Meter Toad’s is a popular spot to eat and drink outside. Another place that has trained cooks at the Culinary Institute of America is the Delice’s Bakery. Sandwiches and soup are also available here. The cafe that is popular with the well heeled crowd is the French Café. Prices are labeled as seven to eight dollars for a cup of soup, a tiramisu or a side salad. It is not strange for a couple that has discount to spend seventy dollars.

There is also an option to dine in a Steak restaurant and it welcomes you to smoke your fancy cigar exclusively in a private room. Since the Omaha Old Market has been there for quite some time, a few of the businesses seen in its photo no longer exist. One of them is the Old Chicago that has moved out and obtained the Garden Café’.

If you like antiques, the Second Chance Antiques shop is the right one for you. The antique shop has moved across the street at around eleventh and Jackson. The uniqueness of the shop is that they have cats and kitties that enjoy occasional scratches and jumping from one shelf to another. This amazes the people since there are no antiques that break.

You can also check out the Con Agra Foods campus just transversely from the street. The campus has vibrant fountains in the Heartlands of America Park just to the North. There is a boat that holds a tour for around thirty five people. They navigate along the fountains in every twenty minutes with a reasonable price. This tour is available unless the management has discontinued its services.

Old Maket Omaha

One of the favorite places where you can stay is the Grandview Avenue Bed and Breakfast. This is a newly remodeled great place to stay. Accommodations are very adequate and the folks here are friendly with their puppy’s that can entertain you and makes you feel at home.

Feel free to read the suggestions given here before going to Omaha for a visit.


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